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I tend to make lots of sketches that reflect what I'm thinking about. I push images around until the idea begins to gel. When I get a sense of what I want to see, I commit to materials. It becomes a communication process with space for deliberation. Media and image adjustments are constant. As the work nears completion, I set it aside to let it seep into my thoughts. It is usually then that I see a completed image in my mind's eye and know how it will be completed.

In the Studio is a link that will take you to a "works in progress" section and archival records of some works that have been recently completed. This is a bit chancy for an artist, but I thought it might be of interest to some to get a peek at how I do what I do.

Across the site you will find some of my side interests (music, motorcycles, etc.). You'll find a lot of this in links and in some of the comments spots.

Sacred Precinct-3 (The Sauare)